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  • 01 predefined recipent + encrypted messages
  • Frequency : 300 days
  • Life check: Email
  • Pause
  • If you fail to confirm your second life check from the reminder:
  • Future messages will be send to your contact after: 300 days
  • Refer Us & Reward Yourself: 1 VIP member = +6 months VIP for you
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Create an automatic procedure in case of an incident

Like a life insurance, digital safe with 256-AES encryption messages, notes and a life validation mechanism, which can detect (by email,…), if someone is still doing well. The process is backed by up to three „real“ humans of the owner’s trust, who can give feedback in any case of doubt, so no sensitive information will be send too early to predefined recipients, heirs (up to 50). Good for future mails and secure information transfer in case of accidents – or even death.

forezer vault

Emergency planning

There are some dumb ways to die, remember? Sure, it won’t happen to you any time soon… but what if there’s this accident that will harm your family, other relatives, friends or also clients?

🚀 Setup & start

Fill in your contact information : Email (required), phone,.... and up to 03 Trustees. The system is preparing to send the next life check - weekly (see the exact date and time in your dashboard). You can pause or choose the next life check. If necessary, keep an eye to your mailbox and spam folder.

💌 Predefined recipents, heirs & Messages

Adding your predefined recipents (up to 50) and enter your messages + notes for each recipent with delivery conditions. You can encrypt part of the message with AES-256 encryption. 

If there is an encrypted message: give the decryption password to the recipient (the heir) along with note "Keep the password, an instruction will be provided in the future. ". For more secrecy, it is suggested that the password should be divided into several segments and given to 2+ people to reassemble. Beware of a chance of assassinations due to the inheritance conflicts.

❤️ Waiting for confirmation

After Forezer has sent the first life check 💌, it will wait for your confirmation, the confirmation timeframe - 2 days. That’s how much time you’ll have to react and confirm with a click.

Life check & confirmation

⏰ Last call for confirmation!

No worries: If you forget to confirm your life check or if you’re on holidays (you can pause the automatic procedure) and didn’t check your mailbox, Forezer will send a reminder after the confirmation time frame has expired.

Reminder check

⏰ Trustee feedback

You think that was too fast and you’re not even half dead?

No worries: extra security layers with up to 3 Trustees. The job of your trustees will be to give feedback in case you don’t confirm your life checks any more. Forezer will send emails to them, asking for your well-being. Only if all of them agree that you’re not well any more, your future messages will be send. 

You can allow a specific timeframe for them to answer (for example 4 days minimum) – only answers given in this period will be taken into consideration.

✅ Process finished

If you fail to confirm your second life check from the reminder as well, and all of Trustees agree that you’re not well any more. Forezer will assume that something serious has happened to you. This is when your pre-planned information and future messages will be send to your predefined recipients (up to 50), depend on your settings (per recipient, how long after)...

💌 Message time, baby!

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